Anna Viola Hallberg is a Stockholm (SE) based artist who works from a project-based method using multidisciplinary structures. Photography, video, sound, and text are used for installations or interventions. She is a socially and politically engaged artist interested in innovative public and collaborative practices. Hallberg also works as a curator, organizer and lecturer.

    "My works are time and site sensitive, they are approaches to insert disruptions in predominant narrations. My method is often research oriented, situating a select group or topic to intervene in a process with to dismantle social or geopolitical contingencies. It does not explore objectivity as philosophical reson, it is rather based in responsiveness on personal or collective experience of a society based trajectory to open up for new discursive contexts.

    In this essence I see art as a site for elasticity, for critical dialogues, for doubt, for attempts for reestablishing a sense of direction or rhythm and yet to disengage with conformity. I see my practice as a critical tool to reveal covert layers in society and explore the dimension of art as a reflective ground for consciousness of shared space, and resource, from a vantage point committed to society as a public entity."

    Produced by SPACES, Cleveland, Oh, US, 2016
    In conjunction with exhibition 2015-16 at SPACES and SWAP residency program in 2015

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Phone: +46 (0)709 35 66 08
Email: info (at) annaviolahallberg.com

Msc International Museum Studies
Member of KRO/Swedish Artists National Organization

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Skeppargatan 98 B, 115 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Title: Recursive Distance
Media: Three channel video with sound and
one photographic work.
Venue: Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden, 2016-17
Curator: Charlotta Jönsson
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Title installation: Imperial Differences
Media: Two separate video channels
Title: Borderland, Overlap Between Two
Venue: Spaces, Cleveland, Ohio, US, 2015-16
Project is ongoing
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