Anna Viola Hallberg moves between studio and site specific spatial practice. Hallberg works with interventions and disruptions of public space as well as documentary based installations for the white cube/black box. The work does not lean on objectivity as philosophical reason it rather explores responsiveness as a personal or collective experience and from this line of narration open up for new discursive contexts. The installations are often linked into series unveiling stories by situating a select group or topic. They intervene in a process by dismantlement of social or geopolitical contingencies by providing a discourse based on the experience of inflicted repression or the position of subordinance. In her practice she converges the role of the artist/filmmaker/curator and occasionally Hallberg work together with other artists and scholars.

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    Msc International Museum Studies
    Member of KRO/Swedish Artists National Organization

Phone: +46 (0)709 35 66 08
Email: info (at) annaviolahallberg.com

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