Installation view Making the Immortal 30 photographs (12 of them double sided flipframes), 4 slideshow carusel sculptures, one projection sculpture, 2 prints as text based works and one essay film (9 min).

Installation view, essay film Making The Immortal, Konstepedemin, Goteborg

Making the Immortal is part of a project on a Swedish painter: Bror Kronstrand (1875-1950). He was a portrait painter and globetrotter. The installation is based upon Kronstrand’s private photographs, documents, and 16 and 35 mm film that have been found in the archives. The work also generated the essay film En handelsresande i evigt liv (Eng. title: Making the Immortal), highlighting aspects of the public interest for Kronstrand and his own approach to celebrity. This is set within the context with contemporary production conditions for artists and policies of the state cultural agenda. Prior to starting with the esay film Hallberg and Perborg facillitated a pshycic to get in contact with Kronstrand. The research on Kronstrand was initiated in 2011 during a visit to Mariestad, the birth town of the desesed artist.


Preview essay film Making The Immortal

Title: Making the Immortal (essay film)
Series: Making the Immortal
Trt: 9 min
Format: HD, stereo, b/w (based on footage and photographs from B. Kronstrand
Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg & Bjorn Perborg with Bror Kronstrand (1875-1950)

What are the conditions for an artist in todays art scene is reflected up on via the late artist Mr Bror Kronstrand (SE) 1875-1950). The entire film is made by private stills an photographs left behind by the now forgotten portrait artist. During his time he was a successful art entrepreneur but perhaps the approach made him less remembered in our time. The essay film follows some of the adventures of Kronstrand as well as portrays him as an artist seen via contemporary questions of the art market.

The film premiered at Gothenburg International Film Festival (GIFF).
Photos and films left behind by the now forgotten portrait artist Bror Kronstrand form the basis for a rumination on how posterity will remember us, and about the conditions of the artist then and now. Entertaining, well done and thought-provoking Sara Wadell, GIFF

Exhibition Konstepedemin, Goteborg (list of work) 2013:>>>

With support from:
Pronto, Gothenburg City 2013
Kulturbryggan 2013

First segment of the installation was exhibited at Supermarket Art Fair 2013 at the booth of Y Gallery, Minsk. In a suitcase with a video monitor, 4 photographs, one bottle of eau de vie, a suit and shirt and a book on Kronstrand. Shrine is a scultpure over the life and work of the artist Bror Kronstrand.

Installation view Shrine Supermarket Art Fair, 2013


The Balcony

Title: Balcony
Series: Making the Immortal
Trt: 1.51 min
Format: From 16 mm, HD, silent, b/w (based on footage from B. Kronstrand
Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg & Bjorn Perborg with Bror Kronstrand (1875-1950)

Additional works of the installation: >>> Tales and Proofs (flip frames)
With out Negative
PS/DS, Letter from a Curator, Traveler and Painter