Installation view, State of Mind, Ygallery, Minsk, Belarus

Installation view, State of Mind, Gothenburg Art Museum, in Talking Loud Sayin Something 2008

The installation was on tour between 2008-2012, it was a self organized project by the artists with different funding for various steps in the process of making the project and for each exhibition. Series also contain an epilogue, a prologue and an activist think tank following the path of the tour. Footage from video installation will not to be shown online due to personal security risk for participants. This is also the reason for yousing only first names of participants.

Title: State of Mind
Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg and A Karlsson Rixon
Media: Installation, 11 color photographs (c-prints), seven monitors (sd) and one projection (hd) with sound (stereo).
Duration: 7 x 35 min of interviews, running independently (7 loops), 1 x 30 min backdrop (loop)
Voice: Russian, English, Swedish
Subtitles: English & Russian
Original installation: 65 square meters, black box video installation + wall space for 11 large format photographs.
Production year: 2008 (2006-2008)

State of Mind Exhibitions:
Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2016
Space Taiga, St Petersburg, Russia, 2012
The Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2011
Gallery Fotohof, Saltzburg, Austria, 2011
Moderna Museet, The Moderna Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2010 – January 2011 (Discursive version)
Y Gallery for Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus, March 2010
The Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine, July-August 2009
Art Arsenal/Gogol Fest 09, Kiev, Ukraine, September 2009
Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden, September-November 2008
ROSPHOTO, St Petersburg, Russia, September-October 2008
Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden, July-August 2008


Videostill, State of Mind Prologue
Screened at Gallerian during Europride, Stockholm, 2008
Screened at Swedish Consulate, Saint Petersburg, 2008

LGBTQ Voices of Russia recorded during the exhibition of State of Mind at Space Taiga in 2012 as State of Mind was exhibited a second time in Saint Petersburg.

Essamblage, State of Mind Epilogue
Media: Single channel, recorded with smartphone Screened at Space Taiga, Saint Petersburg, 2012
Streamed at artists webpage 2012-2016