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Installation view Resonance, Norrkoping Art Museum

Installaiton view Resonannce, Norrkoping Art Museum


Resonance explores the installation as a medium for a documentary on artists and their reflections on the boundaries of; informal networks, the image of the artist, responsibility, position in the contemporary society as well as in a historic perspective. Resonance is a documentation of the contemporary art scene based on filmed portraits, photography and interviews with artists, curators and art historians who have, in one way or another, made an impression within the art world. The installation entails two segments one called Resonance, Installation and the other Resonance, Conversations.

Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg & Annica Karlsson Rixon
Year: 2005-06
1) Dual projection with sound
Duration: 11m 53s
Media: 1920x1080 projections from videoserver (b/w) two projectors, two screens, each 365 x 205 cm stereo, four speakers
Language: Swedish and Danish

2) Private Premises
Media: Portraits of each artist, fiber prints (b/w), 90 x 72 cm, wooden frames

Installation view, Resonance Conversation, Norrkoping Art Museum

(Monitor + Process photographs)
1) Monitor with sound
Media: 1920x1080 (b/w)hard drive media player three headphones
Runtime: 80 min, loop

2) Process photographs
Media: 20 fiber prints (b/w), 27 x 47 cm passepartout, metal frames

The ten art workers talks from a personal and professional point about being able to persue being an artist. Next to the video monitor 20 process photographs from making the recordings. It poses questions concerning life choices, strategies and power and presents thoughts on professional identity as well as possibilities and ideas for cooperation within the field of contemporary art.

Appearing in Resonance: Annika Eriksson (SE/Berlin), Annika von Hausswolff (SE/Gothenburg), Annika Larsson (SE/New York), Maria Lind (SE/Stockholm), Annika Lundgren (SE/Berlin), Tone Olaf Nielsen (DK/Copenhagen), Ann-Sofie Siden(SE/Berlin), Annika Strom(SE/Hove), Gitte Villesen(DK/Berlin) and Annika Öhrner (SE/Stockholm).

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